10 Reasons Why Salman Khan Isn’t Really ‘Being Human’

So here we stand as a country where you are at the risk of being killed, whether youe a human being, or an animal, the risk of being trapped whether youe a girl, or a boy, and the risk of facing inhuman people, wearing t-shirts printed eing Human? Where are we headed? I say wee headed to the level of tolerance and stupidity where we tolerate all that is wrong and dance happily when stupidity is awarded. I could have said just one little word, rather name, instead of saying such long sentences, but wanted to be clearer, because can you say things generally without clarifying yourself and not be judged here? NO!

We catch words of actors like Aamir and twist and turn them to mean what they didn even mean, but wel be completely okay with celebrities who intentionally hurt or kill people and animals, oh, we even fight for them to be free! Wow! We made this country what it is today, so we can complain, can we? So, back to the one name we meant to talk about, the one hero of millions, and the one who has done a million inhuman things since years, the one who got acquitted of what we could call his biggest crime, because he had the power to blur things as per his convenience. Here are 10 things that prove Salman Khan is SO NOT BEING HUMAN.

1. He launched, and is supporting Sooraj Pancholi who involved in the Jiah Khan case

This act of the ctor?itself shows how much of a human being he is. Since we all know the Jiah Khan case going on, and the letter where one can completely see how much he is responsible for whatever happened, if someone supporting such inhuman acts, theye being anything but human.

2. Black buck case, didn even spare the animals

With all the noise about the hit and rum, oops?hit and run case, oh, sorry, 楥ulpable homicide not amounting to murder?case, you might have forgotten about the poor animals he killed back in 1998 while shooting for his anskari?movie, that too, using illegal arms. Well, that case is still going on, and we have no hopes, seeing how he 榟andles?his cases.

3. The 楴OT?hit and run case

So we all know how he was being human while not driving the car, in fact no one was driving the car, not being drunk, and not killing poor people sleeping on the footpath. Do I need to say more?

4. Ruined constable Ravindra Patil life, and wasted his death too

So while all the hullaballoo was going on, there was this one person who wanted to stand up against injustice, Salman then bodyguard, who not only suffered a lot physically and mentally, but also lost his life, and today wee seen how his life, and death, have been sheer waste. You want to cry if you see what was made of that man who tried to speak up against wrong. Who did it? Well?/p>

5. Just after Patil death, Being Human was launched. Guess why?

The brand Being Human was launched in 2007 just after the death of Ravindra Patil: the key witness of the ot a hit and run case? Wouldn it be easy to guess that this was an attempt of image transformation, to blur what happened right before?

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6. Only 10% of every sale of Being Human goes to the foundation

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So while we thought he wanted to clear his image and finally be a human by doing something for the poor through this foundation, we got to know that a mere 10% of each sale goes to the foundation. The actual purpose of Mandhana Industries (the manufacturer and retailers of Being Human products) is to promote brand Salman via brand eing Human?

7. Harassing girlfriends is his favourite hobby

From Aishwarya Rai to Katrina, there have been reports of him physically abusing his girlfriends. In a 2002 interview Aishwarya even said here were times when Salman got physical with me, luckily without leaving any marks. And I would go to work as if nothing had happened.?He even jeopardized her career as per the same interview. Now, does a human do this?

8. Not even a loyal lover, and proudly says it, out loud!

He cheated on Aishwarya, even while she tolerated him. He himself recently confessed in an interview that he 渘ot the loyal type? Aishwarya, in an interview with Time of India, told she broke up with Salman when she got to know he was cheating on her. She saide indirectly confessed to me one day?

9. Ruined Vivek oberoi Career

So when he couldn sustain his girlfriends, and they found comfort elsewhere, he decided to destroy their life as well. The biggest example is Vivek Oberoi who got closer with Aish, and paid with his career.

10. He prefers work (or maybe money) over innocent children lives

In 2014, UP CM Akhilesh Yadav hosted Saifai Mahotsav where Salman Khan, Alia Bhatt, Madhuri Dixit, and the likes performed, while children died in relief camps in Muzaffarnagar due to inadequacy of rehabilitation. Even after being slammed for the same, Salman and Madhuri refused to apologise saying they were 榡ust doing their work? while Alia Bhatt apologized.

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All said and done, as we know truth is always bitter, let have a two-minutes silence for people who are 榣oyal fans?and still cannot see the point. Well, we can only say one thing to you – Okay, forget it. Because do we even care? We will boycott Aamir movies, we won watch Shahrukh movies, why? Because they poke up? We will slap a TV actress, why? because she wore clothes of her choice. How wrong! But the moment another ajrangi Bhaijan?released, we will run to the theatres, because it words that matter, not human life, not animal life, not anything else, but words, right?

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