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Purchase Debbie Meyer GeniusVac Baggage Rather than Handi Vac Freezer Bags

Residence Appliances
Purchase Debbie Meyer GeniusVac Bags Instead of Handi Vac Freezer Baggage
Up to date on August 23, 2017 Sherry Venegas moreMs. Venegas experiments with Mexican foods below the watchful critiques of her husband. The recipes must move a “when I was a child” test.

Women's Red Triangles Print Long Sleeve Tee ShirtContact Creator Looking for Handi-Vac Vacuum Freezer Bags?
The Debbie Meyer GeniusVac Luggage are the new replacement for the discontinued Handi-Vac freezer bags. My husband purchased me a Reynolds Handi-Vac Vacuum Sealer just a 4h club shirts few years ago.

I ran out of the quart dimension freezer bag and couldn’t find them at our groceries, Target or Costco. Realizing the Reynolds freezer luggage are discontinued, I finally searched the Internet. A few outdated articles later and looking out eBay and Amazon I finally landed Debbie Meyer.

Advertised to be used with the Reynolds Handi-Vac. The DM food sealer system looks identical to the Reynolds system.

This entire search was elevating some questions. I preferred the system that Reynolds got here up with, but how was I to know if the Debbie Meyer product would carry out the identical?

After extra comparability with the info on the net I decided to purchase the Debbie Meyer GeniusVac Baggage so I might still use the nifty little vac and save more cheese from blue mold with the freezer bags.

In 2016 I Acquired A brand new Freezer System
Sometime final 12 months my husband noticed a new handheld gadget for sucking the air out of freezer baggage. He knew I was still struggling with the Debbie Meyer GeniusVac – Reynolds.

He observed this was a rechargeable unit. He purchased it a Goal.

Read the overview.

Who Would Purchase the Debbie Meyer GeniusVac Baggage?
If Debbie Meyer stored GeniusVac Freezer baggage on the virual procuring shelves, would you order them?

Sure, I’d order extra freezer luggage if they were accessible.

No, I’m too disenchanted to care, anymore.
See outcomes Now Out there from Amazon.com
Be sure to compare costs at Debbie Meyers website first. Some third occasion sellers might over worth. HsN hardly has the freezer luggage accessible.

The one place I have seen them is Amazon and Ebay.

Debbie Meyer GeniusVac Bags™ 1-Gallon Storage Baggage – Set of 30 Purchase Now Debbie Meyer / Reynolds Handi Vac 40 Ct Quart Baggage Buy Now Gallon Size Bags
It is true I don’t use the Gallon measurement as usually because the quart. There are uses apart from meals freezing vacuum bags can be utilized for.

A knitter may have a basic collection of wools saved for the subsequent undertaking. A gallon GeniusVac bag is ideal for accessing your skeins and straightforward resealing if you alter your mind. Wools want protection from dust and bugs.

Do you employ the Gallon Size GeniusVac Freezer Bag?


See outcomes My Freezer Bag Purchase Arrives
I received the acquisition inside three days. Now I had 60 luggage that will last me for awhile. It value $forty.00. That is 66 cents apiece, however with my internet looking out I discovered there are ways to reuse the luggage. One suggestion was to put the meals item in the cheap fold bag first, holding the zipper vacuum bag clean.

Some householders turn them inside out wash and rinse totally. With meats everyone mentioned simply use as soon as.

The big question concerning the baggage being as good as the unique Reynold’s vacuum freezer bag nonetheless wanted to be tested. I in contrast the new product with the Reynolds and they are equivalent, as far as the zip closure and press suction tip gap. I may only go by touch but I think the new bag is a pair mm thinner. The glue line to attach the bag to the blue zipper strip is just not as vast, however the whole lot performed just like the old bag.

Happy Now That I Can Use My Handi-Vac
I do purchase meats in bulk more often than not and divide the portions once i get residence. The luggage help forestall freezer burn.

Cheese is a giant item in our house and a few sorts solely are available blocks. Pounds of cheese has been wasted because of mold rising on the block. This simple to use vacuum system allows me to finish the block by helping to avoid the cheese mold.

The Debbie Meyer luggage are available in plain white packaging with perforated openings. I’m completely happy I can still use this food storage system.

Cheese Saver GeniusVac Bags
As this large block of Tillamook is being consumed, (my husband has to have this brand), I cut away the wrapper. Attempt to handle block with paper towel or an inexpensive fold over meals bag. Palms could be a source of mold growth.

Put a contemporary fold over sandwich bag on the exposed finish.

Then put in vacuum bag and use the Handi-Vac (or the Debbie Meyer GenuisVac) to create an airtight seal. The cheese will keep until you make that next cheesy dish.

© 2010 Sherry Venegas

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Hope this will likely give you some assist 4h club shirts – with Handi Vac freezer luggage and Debbie Meyer freezer bags.
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sendingzentao four years ago

I have never heard of those freezer bags…however they certainly look interesting!

antoniow 5 years in the past

Very nice and fascinating lens, great job! Thumbs up

Does anybody know the place you should buy these baggage in Perth Western Australia???

loved my go to here tonight, thank you for the write up.

Thanks for all the great data. My downside is I can not find any retailers in Central Alberta, Canada that carries any of these items.

pawpaw911 6 years in the past

Very helpful information. Properly carried out.

AuthorSherry Venegas 6 years ago from La Verne, CA

@nameless: HSN launched their model of the bags. I can solely guess that they did not do in addition to they’d hoped.

//I like the this luggage too but….the place can you buy them.. that appears to be the large query!! HNS does not have any & they do not know when they are available once more.. IF EVER!!

Though these varied meals sealing devices appear costly at first, the price of wasted meals is often not as apparent. I seldom throw away frozen foods or cheeses anymore because of damage. These pay off in the long term.

blanckj 6 years in the past

Great recommendation. Thanks for sharing.

WindyWintersHubs 6 years in the past from Vancouver Island, BC

I have seen this product advertised on Tv just lately. Nice concept for retaining freezer foods fresh. I agree about what the gals are saying about inserting a less expensive bag first. Thanks to your info on this product. 🙂

poutine 6 years ago

Nice advice here. I like the thought of inserting the meals in a less expensive bag earlier than vacuuming it.

Virginia Allain 6 years in the past from Central Florida

We use a different vacuum sealer. I like the thought of using a cheap plastic inside bag to maintain the costlier bag for reuse. Hadn’t considered that.

Gosh, this appears to be like swell! Especially if it might help scale back the occurrence of green or furry cheese. Too unhealthy, I can not vacuum seal myself? 😉

kohuether lm 7 years ago

I can suppose of a few situations where getting a sealer can be price it significantly with cheese which tends to get actually moldy earlier than I can end the block.

AuthorSherry Venegas 7 years ago from La Verne, CA

@ElizabethJeanAl: See! I think it’s okay to reuse them. My daughter stated no approach. This gadget is pretty small

that is why I searched the web for those bags. With out the bags there just isn’t much to use it for.

ElizabethJeanAl 7 years ago

I thought about getting a vacuum sealer, but I really do not have room for one more gadget. I take advantage of the heavy obligation freezer bags and just squeeze the air out as I seal it. And yes, I wash and reuse them all the time.

Very informative lens.


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