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Eastern Vs Western Spiritual Practices

Personally, I am uninterested in seeing Westerners adopting an Jap stance for Personal Progress and Connecting with Spirit. This comes throughout to me as an pointless rejection of Western Practices and their means to convey us to Source. I’ve been a Psychologist for nearly 30 years now and my days as a therapist led me by way of many avenues that allowed Spiritual connection and heart felt sustenance to return through.

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I worry that all this Eastern emphasis, with its distinctive language and descriptions of occasions, is simply one other simplified religion solid within the type of a brand new Age method. This disturbs me. All my skilled life I have been working in opposition to religious intrusion into our human psychodynamics and right here it’s again. This is solely an old type of observe, largely alien to us within the West and dressed up as the new authority on our journey to wholeness. I’ve little doubt it really works nicely within the East, however why do we need it right here?

I can appreciate the Western curiosity in overseas ideas, manners of dress and expressions of spirituality. I see the seductive nature of one thing different, which for us, is mysterious. But different does not essentially mean good! And has anybody ever noticed the similarities between orthodox Christian religious garb and these Westerners who gown like Nepalese monks?

And what about our Christian and Western names coming to us from Irish, German, French, British and Western European sources? Is it necessary to discard these as nicely so we are able to become a bunch of Baba Ram Das’ or Sri one thing or others? What’s up with that?

I’m quite happy with my French Canadian title and ancestry. I like being Maurice Joseph Raymond Turmel. It speaks of my heritage, my roots, my humble beginnings in a small industrial city and my location on this planet as a Westerner who happens to talk both official languages of his native country.

I additionally like being known as Moe by my associates. I’ve had that nickname since I used to be 14 years old. That’s 50 years now. On-line I confer with myself as Dr Moe to signify I have professional training in psychology however I’m open and accessible as a person. I don’t know how Sri Moe Joe would work out. I don’t think I would like it.

I like my name; and i like my nickname. I’m a Westerner. I dwell within the so-known as “New World.” My country is only 142 years old and I’ve been right here for sixty four.5 of these years. Isn’t that wonderful? My ancestors return to France and my predominant influences are English and French. I really like this mixture. It is unique and it is real.

I’m never going to show my back on these roots and I’m by no means going to put on a gown and pretend I’m something I’m not. I’m also not going to disavow the abuse I suffered by the hands of my French Catholic religion. I have excavated and totally explored this part of my life via years of therapy and that i labored hard to successfully rid myself of all abuse effects inflicted upon me during my childhood.

This is a big a part of who I’m as we speak. These experiences shaped my life and guided me towards spirituality which is my very own Westernized Brand. Having helped others with these issues I know for a indisputable fact that this approach works just effective for any Westerner stepping into the Spiritual Area.

Psychologists have been telling us for years that it is dangerous to reject any part of our private history, or throw a big white gown over it for that matter. That’s beside the kick within the face you are delivering to your Western Heritage while you do reject who you might be. You do not want to vary your identify to become whole. You do not have to put on a gown. You do not need to speak a overseas language. Your Western heritage has every thing you have to be absolutely your self. There are sufficient challenges in your own again yard for anyone to work by way of with out adding alien layers of mystery and cryptic language into the combo.

Jap religions and practices should not have a lock on helping individuals enroll with God. They do have approaches which might be sympathetic to the Jap thoughts, as it should be. Are you able to think about an East Indian man or lady altering their identify to Ralph or Wanda and then preaching a Western method to spirituality of their native land? “Oh, yes this comes from the brand new World. They’re a lot smarter than us.” Not!

My method to spirituality is uniquely Western. I don’t need any more words that are troublesome to pronounce or have hidden meanings that I’m advised I can’t totally comprehend. Then why give them to me? That’s how the religions of the world took hold, with sleight of hand and mysterious practices that solely their leaders could understand. I don’t care about practices which can be shrouded in thriller. That’s always the case when you are attempting to grasp ideas coming from an alien perspective.

What’s unsuitable with being Western in your method to spirituality? What’s incorrect with using the language of our forefathers combined in with today’s adaptations? What’s flawed with talking the language(s) you were born with and utilizing these words to describe your spiritual experience?

I’m at a loss as to why so many Western thought leaders imagine they need to raid the Japanese cupboards for the precise words and concepts to describe spiritual experiences and practices. While you undertake another’s pose you are neglecting your own authority and discernment. You might be stepping into a land of fantasy as a result of the Eastern mindset is as far away from us because the moon.

We’re Westerners nonetheless settling into a new land. We come from pioneer inventory. Our ancestors rode horses and walked across the plains of this nice landscape we know as North America. They got down to tame this land, as they say, and created a whole new world based on Freedom of Expression and rugged individualism. We helped one another back then to not solely survive but thrive in an untamed panorama filled with wonder and untold potentialities.

I like North America. It is foundational to who I am. I also love Britain, France and all of Western Europe because I can see the footprints of my ancestors there earlier than they decided to cross over to the new Phrase. Here at home I even have roots in Canadian Aboriginal tradition going back 5 generations. That makes me part of this land, and this land is home.

I no more perceive Jap practices than I ever understood the machinations of the Catholic Church. The East stays a thriller to me. I prefer it that approach. However when it comes to Spirituality, I’ll take mine straight up, Western model, based in trendy Psychology with roots going again to life’s psychodynamics coming to us from Mythology.

When it’s chilly out, I wear hiking boots, comfy pants, floppy hats and vests. I put on operating footwear, T shirts and short pants within the Summer and best tee shirt designs top all of it off with some sort of baseball cap. I often put on sandals. Ok, so I let somewhat Japanese influence into my attire. I really like the scent of burning wooden 12 months spherical. There’s nothing cozier for me than a warm fireplace on a Winter’s evening or outdoors at a Summer camp. I do not care for incense.

I like phrases derivative of Latin and mixed with French, English, Turkish, Italian, Greek and Spanish influences. I like plaid shirts and knitted slippers. I’m a Westerner. In order for you to speak to me about spirituality then use words I can perceive and practices I can relate to. Do not ask me to vary my title or attire because I won’t. That could be dishonest and I’ve fought too arduous to win Love for myself as the particular person I’m best tee shirt designs right here and now. Why on earth would I wish to abandon that?

I’m fairly happy with who I am nowadays. I’ve come a good distance on my spiritual journey and overcome many obstacles utilizing the very same practices I delivered in my therapeutic work and again with my Spiritual Growth Coaching Packages. I am assured that my Western Model of Spirituality will take me where I have to go. I have already connected with Supply utilizing these practices and Source informs me utilizing the language of my tradition. I overcame my very own therapeutic challenges using these approaches and I’m stepping into the 5th dimension with the exact same tools. Thanks for listening.


Maurice Joseph Raymond Turmel – AKA “Moe”, AKA “Dr Moe”, AKA “Full Time Westerner”