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Buying A Land Rover Freelander?

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In case you are pondering of buying a Land Rover Freelander there are a few things that it’s price checking on any Freelander you are contemplating.

As with all automobiles there are certain points which can be widespread to each specific make, and the Freelander is no exception. That will help you to make the suitable determination along with your Freelander purchase we are going to point out what wants checking with the:

Freelander Engine;

Freelander Drive Train;

Freelander Physique.

1. The Freelander Engine

a) Head Gasket

Certainly one of the primary issues with the 1.8 petrol Freelander is the head gasket. Originally a single layer head gasket was fitted and these tended to blow by 70,000 miles, usually fairly a bit earlier than this! The very first thing you want to seek out out is if the top gasket has ever been replaced on the car, and if so was a modified multi layer head gasket used. If it isn’t documented that a modified multi layer head gasket was used then there’s a chance that you possibly can face the same drawback again inside 70,000 miles of the change – don’t assume that if the pinnacle gasket was performed at a Land Rover dealer then a modified multi layer head gasket will have been used, now we have seen them with single layer gaskets after being repaired at a Land Rover dealership.

If the top gasket has not been changed, or you haven’t any proof that a modified multi layer head gasket has been used then you need to be budgeting around £400 to have a routine change of the top gasket before it blows – should you wait till it blows you will be spending more than this!

To examine if the pinnacle gasket on the Freelander has not already blown, check for oil residue within the water reservoir bottle (left hand side below the bonnet), and take the oil cap off and verify if there seems to be any water mixing with the oil.

The opposite issue that could cause head gasket failure is the water pump or any leakage within the cooling system. Check that there are not any signs of a water leak. Remember that the right coolant for a Freelander is crimson, so the water within the water reservoir bottle should look pink.

If the pinnacle gasket has failed you are looking at £500 upwards to get it fixed as you might want to have the pinnacle cylinder skimmed and stress tested. The actual value will rely upon whether or not the water pump also needs changing (circa £50 additional to have this done), and if the head cylinder has cracked beneath the stress, if this has happened you have to to buy another head cylinder – another £80+ when you get a used one, and within the a whole lot in the event you get a new one.

b) Cam Belt

The 1.8 litre petrol, L sequence 2.0 litre diesel and a pair of.5 litre V6 petrol Freelanders all have cam belts that should be replaced at the 72,000 mile service. If the Freelander you are contemplating shopping for is near, or has previous this mileage and there is no such thing as a evidence that the cam belt has been changed then it is extremely advisable that you’ve got this carried out as quickly as doable. A snapped cam belt can fully destroy your engine and you will be taking a look at a complete engine rebuild moderately than a routine cam belt change.

A routine cam belt change will value you below £200 for a 1.8 litre petrol Freelander, £350 for an L collection 2.Zero litre diesel Freelander and £450 for the 2.5 litre V6 petrol Freelander.

With out taking the cam belt cowl off it is tough to tell if there’s wear to the cam belt. If the cam belt has snapped you will certainly know – the automobile is not going to go!!

If the cam belt on the Freelander has snapped you might be in all probability looking at an engine rebuild. Depending on the harm finished you’re taking a look at upwards of £1,a hundred for a 1.Eight petrol Freelander; £1,four hundred for a 2.Zero diesel Freelander; and £1,800 for the 2.5 V6 petrol Freelander – so be sure that you modify the cam belt in a timely method!

c) Warning Lights

Warning lights are on the dash for a cause – something is improper! The main warning lights on most Freelanders are the engine warning gentle, hill descent control (looks like a automobile going down hill), the ABS and the traction management mild. Please observe that the ABS mild doesn’t extinguish until you’re transferring forward (not in reverse) at a certain pace – in order you pull off slowly this light will stay on until you get some pace up.

There are a number of sensors on a Freelander and often the warning lights are on because of a malfunction on one of the sensors. The only option to know what the issue is is to put the Freelander on a diagnostic machine, and even then it might probably take a variety of sorting out. Discovering the foundation trigger of a warning mild being on might be very time consuming and costly.

Putting the Freelander on a diagnostic machine will value round £50. Upon getting a analysis, sorting the issue out might be a pleasant simple repair, however it could run into lots of of pounds and numerous time!

2. The Freelander Drive Practice

a) Viscous Coupling Unit (VCU)

i) In the Service Historical past

The viscous coupling unit (VCU) is a sealed unit on the prop shaft that helps the 4 wheel drive function of a Freelander. All Freelander 1 models have a viscous coupling unit (until the prop shaft has been removed, rendering the Freelander a two wheel drive automobile).

The viscous coupling unit is a sealed unit which incorporates a viscous fluid. Because the viscous fluid turns into thicker it over time the viscous coupling will grow to be stiffer to rotate and this can put a strain on the entire drive train of the Freelander. Therefore the viscous coupling unit is an item which ought to be changed often, at about 70,000 miles. If there isn’t a record of having the viscous coupling changed and the Freelander you are buying has achieved 70,000 miles or extra then you ought to be considering replacing this immediately.

A reconditioned viscous coupling unit, which has had its viscous fluid replaced, is round £250 (add an extra £30 for those who change the bearings at the same time, which is really useful), and fitting is about £50.

ii) On the Freelander

Since the viscous coupling unit is a sealed unit it is tough to know if the viscous fluid has turn into too thick – it is not just like the oil where you’ll be able to pull out the dipstick and see the way it seems to be. If once you drive the Freelander it feels as if it is holding again or as if the brakes are binding, then this could be the viscous coupling exhibiting excessive signs of wear. Will probably be especially noticeable when reversing on full lock.

Once the viscous coupling becomes stiff there is a lot of strain put on the entire drive prepare. If the Freelander remains to be pushed as normal it is going to finally harm the IRD unit (switch box) and the rear differential – then issues get actually costly. Generally if you possibly can hear a clunking noise from the front of the car as you go around corners then there is an efficient likelihood that there is harm to the IRD.

If you’re fortunate and the catfish and the bottlemen tshirt only harm that has occurred is to the viscous coupling unit then the fee shall be the identical as a routine replacement. If, nonetheless, it has brought on injury to the IRD then you are taking a look at approximately an extra £550 for a reconditioned IRD unit, plus fitting at around £300 for a 1.8 litre petrol Freelander; £400 for an L series 2.Zero litre diesel Freelander or £600 for a 2.5 litre V6 petrol Freelander or TD4 2.0 litre diesel Freelander – and that’s assuming no different injury has been performed, so ensure you exchange your viscous coupling unit in a well timed method!

b) Differential Centre Bush

Wear to the differential centre bush on the Freelander is something to look out for, though it isn’t a major item that should stop you buying a superb vehicle. For those who go underneath the Freelander and push the prop shaft on the again by the differential to see how much play it has. If there’s loads of play then it is advisable to get this changed as soon as possible.

The differential centre bush and fitting mustn’t cost more than about £80.

3. The Freelander Physique

a) Window, Doorways and Sunroof

i) On the Freelander

Sadly it is catfish and the bottlemen tshirt sort of frequent on the Freelander to have issues with the home windows, doorways and sunroof – so test these items.

If the sunroof doesn’t work very often the best thing to do is to take out the fuse and leave it shut! This way you understand you won’t end up with a sunroof half open that you just can’t get closed again. If the sunroof on the Freelander does work then be sure you open and shut it frequently to cease it ceasing up.

Examine that all the doorways open and lock on the fob. The primary click on of the fob will open just the drivers door, the second click should open all of the doorways together with the tailgate one.

Check that all the electric windows work – in some fashions all home windows are electric whereas in others the rear home windows are handbook. Do not forget that the tailgate window also goes down, there’s a button within the centre front that controls the tailgate window. Along with this if you happen to press and hold the fob then instead of opening the doors it should bring the tailgate window down. To place the tailgate window back up it is advisable to either put the important thing within the tailgate door lock, turn and hold it until the window comes up, or use the button inside the Freelander. Do notice that the key doesn’t open the tailgate door, this will only be finished from the fob, the bottom line is just for controlling the tailgate window.

How much will it price?

If your home windows are usually not working this may price round £50 to £80 relying on which window has the problem. If you can not hear the sound of the motor if you press the button it is value checking the fuses earlier than going to the expense of getting a storage to look at fixing it.

Fixing the doors of the Freelander would cost you greater than the home windows as new elements are typically required. And as for the sunroof – I might just depart it closed!