Eco Friendly Clothes Preserve The Environment

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We only have one planet to live on, so it is up to us to keep it inhabitable. Eco friendly clothes help us preserve the environment we live in.

Nowadays, it is very important for all of us to do all we can to help prevent the environment around us from degrading. We only have one planet to live on, so it is up to us to keep it inhabitable. Eco friendly clothes help us preserve the environment we live in.

Companies which make eco friendly clothes have to abide by strict guidelines. When planting and growing the material used to make the clothes, there can be no harm done to the environment. It is very common to use synthetic fertilizers to help plant growth.

However, the use of these fertilizers will prevent the clothes from being labeled eco-friendly. The problem with the chemicals is that small wildlife commonly come into contact with them. When they do, they can easily get sick and die.

The chemicals contained in the fertilizers can also be harmful to human workers. The soil itself may also be damaged which would prevent it from producing plants well into the future. Pesticides used to keep pests from bothering the plants also cannot be used because they contain harmful chemicals as well.

The materials used to make eco-friendly clothes are all natural. This helps ensure that they do not cause the environment any harm. Cotton is the most widely used material. As mentioned, fertilizers or pesticides cannot be used during the growing process.

Plastic bottles can also be reprocessed which helps keep them from filling the landfills. These reprocessed plastic bottles are made into fleece. This material is commonly worn during the cooler months because it is warm and lightweight.

You may not be aware, but bamboo can also be used to make clothes which are eco friendly. The pulp of this natural material can easily be used to make t-shirts and other clothing items. The resulting clothes have excellent wicking properties. You will find them very handy to have around during the warmer months.

It is also important to mention that clothes which are eco friendly cannot be made using harmful inks and dyes. If the clothing item is to be colored, natural dyes will have to be used instead. Synthetic inks and dyes contain heavy metals which are harmful to the environment.

We should be doing everything in your power to make sure our planet stays inhabitable. To this end, you should strongly consider investing in eco friendly clothes. They do not contain inks and dyes that are harmful to the environment. This also means you will not experience any skin irritation by wearing these clothes.

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