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Peacock Fowl Characteristics, Pictures And Symbolism

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Peacock Fowl Characteristics, Pictures and Symbolism
Updated on August 10, 2017 Radhika Sreekanth moreRadhika loves lovely birds and flies. She is curious to learn about their life and traits that she does immense analysis on them.

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Women's Custom  Confesus Short Sleeve T-ShirtPeacock is the identify of the male peafowl that belong to the Asiatic species of flying birds in the genus Pavo of the pheasant household, Phasianidae. This graceful chook’s vibrant plumage is what makes it most beautiful among all the birds. The peacock is designated because the national chicken of India and the provincial hen of Punjab.The female is a peahen and the offspring peachick. Peahens lack the lengthy eye-noticed tail and have a gray/brown colour. There are three species of peafowl namely Indian Peafowl, Green Peafowl and Congo Peafowl.

The coloration mutations of Indian Peafowl very hardly ever happen in the wild, however selective breeding has made them common in captivity. On this mutation, the adult male is melanistic with black wings. Younger birds with the nigripennis mutation are creamy white with fulvous tipped wings. The genetic variation is the result of production of melanism in the male. Within the peahen it produces a dilution of shade with creamy white and brown markings.

Traits of peacock

1. Head

The crest atop the top of a peacock acts like a crown. This crown provides to its beauty together with the provoking plumage. These erect decorations can be in comparison with the head of a woman with flowers adorning the hair. The beak is long and pointed on the blue or inexperienced coloured face. Patches of white colour define the eyes like some make-up put for brightening up.

2. Tail

This is the classic characteristic that makes a peacock extravagantly beauteous. God has woven the tail of a peacock like a practice of designed and colored feathers. This character distinguishes its ‘strut’ from a mere ‘walk’. Peacocks often make the good show of its plumage to draw females. Mating begins throughout rainy season and the dazzling dance of the peacocks at the outset of the rains is a spectacular showcase. The array of yellow, blue and inexperienced colours in its fanned tail is a results of the angle at which mild shines by way of the feathers.

3. Physique

Peacocks are certainly one of the largest flying birds on the planet. It’s more than 2 toes tall when stood erect. In the fanned tail position it would excessive more than 5 feet. The chicken has a comparatively long blue colored neck. The toes looking like that of an emu, the three-toed peacock struts that establish it “proud”.


The Indian peacock feathers look eye-noticed with hues blue and green surrounded by gold. Lengthy, skinny wires of these hues are intently knit that makes this feather stand out. This color mixture is one cause for the iridescence of those feathers. However the principle trigger of this vibrancy is optical interference Bragg reflections, based on common, periodic nanostructures of the barbules (fiber-like components) of the feathers. Masks, costumes or crafts are decorated by these beautiful plumes with a dramatic aptitude. Peacock feathers have a length of 11” usually.

Peacock feathers have acquired a distinguished place within the spiritual world. Their energy of healing could be very well appreciated in different cultures. With the correct pointers of use, peacock feathers allow the person to connect with the Universal Healing Vitality and use this energy to heal individuals of all of their complaints, imbalances and disease.


Peacock symbolism speaks of attributes similar to:







Peacock is taken into account to be divine and a very good trigger in various cultures. Let’s have a look at its significance and symbols in them.

1. In Hinduism

In Hinduism, peacock is said with divine powers. Goddess Saraswati, Lord Krishna and Lord Muruga are associated with peacocks in a approach with a number of implied meanings.

Goddess Saraswati is the deity of knowledge, meditation, spirituality, purity, arts, good trigger and river. Worshipping her would shower the believer with knowledge in his area of interest. A peacock stands beside her which is an emblem of satisfaction and wonder. As Goddess Saraswati is related with a great cause, she is conveying the message that interior magnificence is real and pure somewhat than external.

Lord Krishna wears a peacock feather in his head. Also he ties one on the flute he performs. It is said that at some point Krishna was enjoying his flute within the Govardhan hills. His track was so melodious and enchanting that peacocks in the hills began dancing to the rhythm of the tune. At the tip of the play, the King of the blissful peacocks touched Lord Krishna’s Lotus ft and gave its plumes to honor him. God Sri Krishna accepted them and wore one on his head and tied one other one on his flute.

Peacock can be the mount of God of struggle Murugan, additionally called Karthikeya, the brother of Ganesha. The Peacock turned the mount of Murugan and flew world wide and to the heavens. When the peacock holds a serpent in its claws or beak, its energy in destroying malevolent cosmic forces is symbolized. By the medieval interval the peacock also became a symbol of the ocean. As a cosmic image the peacock represents totality as does Murugan. Hindus have fun the festival “Thaipoosam” to commemorate the occasion when Parvati gave Murugan the “vel” or spear. Devotees dance holding “kavadi” of their shoulders that is decorated with peacock feathers.

2. Yezidi culture

The Yezidis or Yazidis are a Kurdish speaking individuals who reside principally in Northern Iraq. Peacock is the vehicle of their Supreme Power within the creation of cosmos.

The Yezidi (Yazidi) cosmology and religion is non-twin. Based on them, a transcendental God created the Seven Nice Angels, whose chief was Tawsi Melek, the Peacock Angel. Yezidis consider that the Supreme God was originally “over the seas” that has coincidence with the Biblical passage, “And the Spirit of God (as seven Elohim) moved upon the face of the waters”. Whereas taking part in with a white pearl, their Supreme God cast it into this cosmic sea. The pearl was damaged from which the universe was created.

The Supreme God then created or manifested an angel in this mission. It was Tawsi Melek, the Peacock Angel. Six extra great angels had been then created to help Tawsi Melek in his work. When Tawsi Melek descended to Earth, he assumed the form of a glorious peacock – a chicken with inexperienced, blue, white, gold and brown colors. Landing in a place now often known as Lalish, Tawsi Melek delivered his colors to the earth and endowed it with beautiful, picturesque locations.

Three. Greco-Roman culture

In Greco-Roman mythology the Peacock is recognized with Hera or Juno, the queen of Gods. She created the hundred-eyed large Argus to watch god Zeus’ trysting places. When Argus spotted him with his maiden Io, Zeus turned her to a cow to save her from Hera. Hera understood the disguise and asked Zeus for the cow as a present and he couldn’t refuse her. Zeus sent the messenger of gods, Hermes to recuperate Io. However Argus’ hundred-eyes have been at all times on the cow and Hermes needed to play a trick to distract him. He played a sleepy tone on his flute and the hundred eyes of Argus fell into sleep one after the other. Hermes killed him and altered the cow again into Io. When Hera discovered Argus useless, she plucked the one-hundred eyes and saved them on the tail of her favorite fowl, peacock. These eyes symbolize the vault of heaven and the “eyes” of the stars.

Historical Greeks and Europeans thought of the one-hundred eyes of peacock as evil eyes.

Four. Christianity

Christian tradition provides emphasis to the hen peacock by representing it as an emblem of immortality. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is what adds fact to this perception. Every year peacock sheds its feathers which get replaced by new, thick and brighter ones. Likewise, Jesus additionally appeared on the earth with extra power and brightness throughout his resurrection. If the peacock is portrayed drinking from a vase, it symbolizes a Christian drinking the waters of eternal life. As well as, the multitude of eyes upon its gorgeous fan tail is being characterized as the “all seeing” church in Christianity.

5. In Asia

The Peacock fowl is associated with Goddess Kwan-yin in Asian spirituality. Kwan-yin (Quan Yin) is an emblem of love, compassionate watchfulness, good-will, nurturing and mercy. The evolution of peacock is linked with this goddess in Asian culture. When the earth was created, she dwelt with the residing beings that have been newly made and taught them how one can be type to their fellow beings. But after she ascended, the animals started quarreling themselves and the watchful Kwan yin needed to descend again to resolve their fights. As she couldn’t watch all the earth to spread the feeling of compassion, goddess Kwan Yin created the gorgeous peacock with one-hundred eyes on its tail. She entrusted the fowl to keep faith in its job of watching and financial analyst shirt spreading love.

6. In Islam

In Babylonia and Persia, the peacock is seen as a guardian to royalty and is usually seen in engravings upon royal thrones.

Peacock tattoos

Completely different peacock tattoos reveal different characters. As peacock is given a distinguished place in almost all cultures of the world, wearing a tattoo of this glorious chook is taken into account to be optimistic. The etching of this colorful and flamboyant chicken depicts magnificence and style. Regardless that it is the male species, a peacock tattoo is far coveted by the feminine folks owing to its vibrant enchantment and feminine look.

The vibrant show of the fanned tail of the peacock is the results of integration of several hues and feathers. This symbolizes unity and royalty, so the peacock tattoo wearer should respect human values and may go harmoniously. A peacock tattoo is also an emblem of ethical refinement, kindness, compassion, and love.

Chinese believed that a lady is blessed with a baby if a peacock threw a look at her. Additionally, a peacock tattoo is known to deliver fortune to a pregnant lady with the arrival of her little one. These beliefs made it a preferred tattoo design among the ladies of China who aspire and attain pregnancy interval. Peacock feather tattoos are the most popular amongst all of the birds’ feather tattoos.

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