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Chris’s Old fashioned Bedding: My Ideas For purchasing Vintage Cotton Sheets On EBay

I need to thank you for all the good data. I hate these new sheets and all of the elastic around the fitted. I’m 57 and that i loved the sheets of yesteryear. I don’t thoughts ironing as I ironed my three sons t-shirts as kids and young men. Kinda took me again to ironing our family sheets chores. I also took it as my time to get misplaced in my thoughts and relaxed. Crazy I know. I’ve bookmarked your web page as I had been trying to find these previous sheets. The texture of climbing into your bed at night time is simply not the identical with these new sheets. Thank you once more. Peace to all.

Yvonne Maier

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AnonymousDecember 26, 2016 at four:39 PM
sheets these are terrible. i am shopping for sheets alot more than my mom ever did. I’ve an japanese king and searching for vintage sheets. i am in Nor cal. Thanks.

The Rachel Ashwell Merely Shabby Chic sheets are heavenly! We buy them at Goal, the place they’re fairly affordable. I had a tough time convincing my husband that we would have liked them, but after one evening sleeping in cool, a hundred% cotton comfort, he is a believer!

Good article,very informative. The thing that bothers me,is when sellers say something is vintage,however do not give a decade,or perhaps a ‘guesstimate’ as to which vintage decade it may be,in the listing. I really like to collect vintage issues&usually come throughout this&find myself looking the net for info on the merchandise(s) in query,to be sure I am getting a genuine vintage merchandise&not only a ‘vintage style’/retro merchandise. Additionally,on the older sheets,it is a good suggestion to ask sellers about fitted bottom sheets elasticity,as a result of generally it does’nt say/is’nt proven&it turns out to be stretched out&in want of sheet suspenders,to hold them in place(Had that happen to me with a vintage Cannon sheet set. Heh…oops!LOL ). I myself,not too long ago acquired a Lady Pepperell sheet set(1980s&not 100% cotton,although) off eBay&they have been in excellent,barely used condition+a vintage 1960s embroidered bedspread for my bed as effectively&they all are fairly lovely,indeed. (: I want I might embody photos so you could see them too,but alas,I do not see a solution to attach photos.

I don’t like the all cootn ones. I love the Lady Pepperil ones which are cotton AND polyester. I am unable to discover something comparable these days and mine are worn out!

Cindy OwensAugust 30, 2016 at 10:12 AM
I meant COTTON. I should proof this stuff, eh? LOL

What does “sturdy muslin” mean? As opposed to “superb muslin,” I suppose…

I’ve purchased vintage/antique sheets/pillow cases that had been so aged they had been nearly brown. I’ve purchased sheets/pillow cases that have had yellow stains, water rings, and small rust dots, all from improper storage. And that i’ve bought sheets/pillow cases that smelled musty, like cigarettes, frying oil, and/or all the above. I’ve always been able to get these horribly aged sheets/pillow circumstances sparkling white and like new. (Besides for big spots……They’re in for good.) This is my recipe….

The way to Whiten Antique/Vintage Linens:

  1. Take very giant & deep plastic storage box (like Sterlite, and so on from Goal) and place it in the bathtub.
  2. Add 1 capful of DREFT liquid detergent + 1 scoop of OXICLEAN powdered detergent + 1 scoop of Safeway generic brand powdered NON-CHLORINE BLEACH to the plastic tub. (Safeway is a local giant-chain grocery store. I’d think any grocery chain could have their own generic brand of powdered non-chlorine bleach.)
  3. Fill the plastic tub w/Hot WATER. (The detergents will start bubbling & fizzing.)
  4. Completely submerge musty items within the water w/detergents. If the linens start to float, place a heavier item on top to maintain the them submerged. (Simply a large spatula, BBQ tongs, and so on. will work…….The fabric can be floating, however doing so completely under water.)
  5. As quickly as the fabric gets wet, the odors will start to release…….Not a fairly scent! 😉 Let soak for at the least 24 HOURS, turning the fabric in the water a number of times through the soak.
  6. Drain the water from the helicopter pilot t shirts field into the tub, then squeeze out as a lot water as attainable from the bed linens. Place the linens within the washing machine, and run them by means of the RINSE/SPIN CYCLE.
  7. If stains/odors are still present, repeat course of. When executed……
  8. Lay the bed linens on a patch of green grass within the direct sunlight. (Chlorophyll from the grass and the sunshine from the solar will act as bleaching brokers.)
  9. When the items are nearly fully dry

(still slightly damp) clean out the fabric and fold. If the pieces are utterly dry, flippantly spritz w/water (I take advantage of an previous Windex bottle), clean out the fabric and fold. (NO IRONING Wanted if spritzed earlier than folding!)
10. Don’t place helicopter pilot t shirts the linens in the DRYER or use any type of FABRIC SOFTENER………This will trigger the fabric to develop a grey tone. (I do not know why……….It just does.) If the weather is poor, just lay the pieces on
towels or hand hold on a line to dry.

This course of will be completed as many times as vital until strains are bright & white. The solar is a crucial part of the bleaching course of…..It’s going to bleach the fabric w/o weakening it like chlorine bleach.)

Properly TraveledAugust 6, 2017 at 4:Forty nine PM
Thank you for the cleansing tips! I live in a development that does not permit clotheslines. I lay things out on my patio furniture and I am excited about just hanging a line within the storage and open the doors to let the breeze in. Lol Does it actually work laying them on the grass? Never considered that!


Hello, thanks for the information on vintage/older sheets. I’m just starting to buy vintage sheets off of ebay because I’ve just about given up on buying new sheets made from terrible cotton in china. The perfect sheet I have is one in inherited from my mom’s outdated stash, it’s a Waverly Belle Rive king flat sheet from the early eighty’s, I like the very fact it is a cotton blend it makes these older sheets buttery mushy and clean however not all vintage mix sheets are equal as I’m finding out so watch out in regards to the model you purchase it can make a distinction. Also it ought to be famous that if you’re shopping for a vintage fitted sheet more than likely it will not match in the present day’s mattresses so be aware before you purchase or learn the onerous means like I did.

Mildew is mold. One trick, although it hasn’t at all times labored for me, it put vinegar on the area of mildew and place within the direct solar.

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