Ideas To Increase My Annual Income

Men's Cotton Blooming Norwegian stone Short Sleeve Tops TeesAt the office kitchen, by the coffee machine, employees talk. The most common thing I hear people complain about is how they are not getting paid enough. Then they talk about some former employee who is now working for another company with better salary and better benefits. Then they talk about quitting. But none of them quit. They just complain about the same thing over and over攅very day. Sometimes I wonder攄o they really want to quit? Or are they just venting out their need to be paid more?

I noticed that a lot people love to talk about that person who found better opportunities or someone who 渕ade it? Ia regular participant of these conversations. Every time I hear about people who quit and found better opportunities, a voice inside of me asks hat is stopping me from doing the same thing??/p>

But quitting is scary. A lot of fears come into surface. What if this is the best job Il ever have? What if no company out there wants me the same way this company does? What if this job is actually better than the other ones out there? What if I quit and if I ever decided to go back they don want me anymore?

I had to battle with those questions every day. But then I had to ask myself f I get paid more, would I stay??/p>

I probably would. It seems like the only reason why most people leave a company is because they feel the need to get paid more. That was the reason why this employee I used to work with left her job. She was offered a government job that pays way more than our boss can afford.

Money was also the reason why I left my first job as an Engineering Technologist graduate. My salary did not match the job responsibilities I was given. I felt like I was getting ripped off for my efforts.

Most employees who belong to the bottom/middle section of the organizational chart feel this way. They either feel like they deserve more or the staffs who belong to the upper section of the organization deserve less.

But what if I can find another way to increase my income without quitting, would I stay?

That what I am looking into at the moment. But what I realized was the strategies are not as simple as it seems and the pay increase is not as high as I thought. An obvious/proven/well-known solution is to do amazing work, hope that my superiors notice my wesome-ness?then hope to get promoted and receive a huge increase in my salary after my annual performance review. But a big problem I have with that strategy is擨not the best employee in the department. Inew. I lack experience. Icompeting with well-experienced professionals so my chance of getting noticed is very very slim.

That disappointment brought me to investigate solutions on how to increase my annual income by working on the side. Each idea/solution listed below was introduced to me by listening to podcasts and by reading books on personal development and entrepreneurship. Like a chain reaction, my consumption of information infused with my need to satisfy my curiosity got me to follow one successful person who then introduced me to another successful person to another successful person. It all started with a conversation with a local printing shop owner?/p>

Create and Sell Your Craft

Most of us have hobbies. Everyone has creative potential (although most of us don have a high-level of self-awareness to notice it). I like art. I like to draw. But I wanted to be unique. And so I picked MS Paint as my platform to create my artwork for various reasons:

A) It a free program that pre-installed in Microsoft computers.

B) I don really know of anybody who has the patience to use it.

C) It is digital. No inventory required. I can mass produce my artwork as prints.

This led me to look for websites that can post, promote and print my artworks. I found a few (,

Ie posted to different websites to scatter my artwork all over the internet. Why? To UNATURALLY increase my visibility in the World Wide Web. That strategy came from one of the podcasts I listened to (but I couldn remember exactly who said it).

The idea to make money by posting my artwork online came from an owner of a local printing shop. He mentioned how he made some money (not a lot) by posting his designs for clocks. The thought of making money (regardless of the amount) encouraged me to start posting my artwork online.

Did I make money? Not really. I eventually had to put my art production on hold as it takes a lot of time to produce one.

Ie made a total of $6.20攕o far.

Affiliate Marketing

I then came across an ad for a free webinar for affiliate marketing. It offered something along the lines of AKE A SHITLOAD OF MONEY EASILY? As scammy as that sounds, I still signed up攊t free, why not? So I spent time watching and learning from the webinar. I even took notes to help me remember exactly what been taught.

Affiliate marketing is basically making money through product referrals, whether it is a book, software, a service or pretty much anything you can think of that you can sell. You make money through commission.

Honestly, the webinar was very educational for me even though it sounded scammy. I learned about marketing funnels, making money through product referrals, Google Ads, Facebook promotions and the 榤arketing engine?(a blueprint on how you make money online). It was a little too much for me to learn in a few days but it spurred another idea of making money online?promote books Ie read that helped me a lot and sell my existing artwork through Affiliate Marketing.

At the end of the webinar, they ask you to sign-up for their service which is to help you on your journey to become an Affiliate Marketer like them. I didn sign up. It was too expensive for me at that time. And plus, I really don trust the people offering the service. And since I don have enough money to invest on their service, I went on to look for a cheaper way of learning more about Affiliate Marketing.

I then came across a podcast with Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome. He is by far one of the trusted experts in affiliate marketing. And he doesn sound scammy unlike the others out there. I trusted him because his story of getting laid off at work and eventually found a way to make money online. His journey was very inspiring to me. He wrote a book about it (which I haven picked up yet). Through his blogs, podcasts and free guides, he helps newbies (like me) to become successful in the world of online business especially on Affiliate Marketing.

I then tried to combine what I learned from the webinar and all the advice Ie taken from Pat Flynn to sell my artwork. But it didn turn out well. There are still a lot of missing pieces I need to learn before it takes off. It a work in progress.

Online Business

I kept listening to Smart Passive Income podcast episodes as I wanted to keep gathering new ideas on how make more money online. Then a podcast episode came out with the author of the book I bought when I decided to be more serious about managing my personal finance. His name is Ramit Sethi, author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

In that episode, they talked about how to price your products and they talked about how Ramit prices his online products. But what peaked my interest was when they talked about one of his products called 淶ero To Launch€攊t about creating your own online business. I became very interested with the product because it aligned with my desire to make money online. Since it a product from Ramit, I knew the product was going to be very valuable. I signed up for his e-mail list and bought the product.

Note on the side. Ie already built trust with Ramit before the podcast came out. As I mentioned earlier, I bought his book on personal finance two years before the podcast. The book was very informative and easy to understand. It helped me a lot as Isomeone who doesn have the patience to understand the technical details of money, banking and investing. I also once tried to sign-up for his Zero To Launch Course but it was sold out and I had to wait until opens again.


As expected, the product was very good. It exceeded my expectations. But I don think the product is for everyone. If you are someone who expects to make money right away because it was an expensive investment, then I advise you don buy it because you will be disappointed.

The product doesn make money for you but it will help you make more money for you.

To basically repeat what I just said, the course trains you to become a successful online entrepreneur. Just like physical training in the gym, it not easy, it exhausting at times, it requires discipline and it requires a lot of work especially if youe starting from 榸ero?

There are four stages in course. Istuck in stage two. And I have been stuck for months now, meaning擨still in the process of DEFINING what my online business will be. This article Iwriting is a part of that process (validating my idea through audience engagements). If you wanted to know more about the course, read this review from one of his students [Primoz].

I don have a business just yet. But Iin the process of creating it.

Investing on Stocks

A part of the online course Itaking is to learn how to write remarkable content. Ramit advised me (its students) to study other successful writers. One of those writers he mentioned was James Altucher. James is known for his vulnerabilityn element I wanted to add to my articles.

Just like Ramit, prior to his advice, Ie also followed James Altucher Podcasts but it wasn because of money or finance but it was for personal development. He interviews successful people in pretty much all areas of life I consider to be important攃reativity, physical health, marketing, productivity, etc.

But aside from his writing skills he is also known in the world of investing. Studying him (as a writer) led me to another idea of making money on the side攊nvesting on stocks. But Inot ready for that just yet. I don have enough money in my bank account to take high financial risks. But if you do have the money, I suggest you research more about him as he offers products (on investing) that could make you a lot of money. I wanted to buy those products but I don have the money yet.

My plan is to make money from this online business Icreating and use that money to invest it on stocks so I can generate more side income.

Ie made a total of $0.00攕o far.


As a James Altucher Show listener, he had Matt Barriehe founder and CEO of Freelancer – Hire & Find Jobs.

Freelancing is basically getting paid online for helping/working for other people online. nline?means your employers or employees could be anywhere from around the globe. There are a lot of people out there who make good/better money working as a freelancer than working in an office cubicle. The website has a wide variety of jobs you can apply for (depending on your expertise). That podcast prompted me to sign-up and to further explore freelancing.

My first attempt to make money from freelancing was to join a T-shirt Design Contest. No I didn win. All of my submissions were rejected and I was perfectly fine with it. Iaware of the other billion (way more skilled) artists out there.

To increase my chances of getting hired, I thought of applying for jobs with very low competition task/project where most people would refuse to do. I ended up getting hired to write. Yes, as part of my journey to become better at writing. I applied and was hired to write 500-word articles for $1.50 each.

Yes I know it is cheap labor. But I was able to learn more about freelancing: I have to create my own invoice (which makes it really feel like I am my own ompany?. I can improve my credibility in the website by taking courses and tests. I can also post my own contest to acquire a cheap product with very high quality.

I have hunch that my employer who pays me $1.50 for every article is also working for someone else who he probably charges at least $2.00 for every article which means he makes at least $0.50 per article. But that is just a guess. Inot quite sure how he does his business but it not the business I wanted to be a part of.

Ie charged him $6.00攕o far. I wrote 4 articles for him.

Accepting Failure + Persistence to Succeed

If you are still reading this, you noticed that I barely made any money. Most people will consider my efforts to be a waste because I failed. But I beg to differ. This is where patience and persistence kicks in. Call me delusional but that criticism doesn scare me from continuing to try. It takes time to be successful in those ventures (I mentioned above).

It took 1000 tries for Thomas Edison before he invented the light bulb.

It took about 1000 rejections for Sylvester Stallone before he became successful in the movie business.

J.K. Rowling Harry Potter and Paulo Coelho The Alchemist have also been initially rejected by publishers.

If these successful people we know today have failed this many times, then it very unrealistic to expect myself to be successful today when I barely even tried/failed.

Most people lose their interest in exploring the ideas I mentioned because it doesn give them the instant result they seek. As part of being human, we prefer to accomplish things that take a very short amount of time with the very least amount of effort. I want that too but unfortunately I haven found hat?thing yet. Although there may be a shitload of 榞et-rich-quick?schemes out there – but it not something I wanted to involve myself in.

The ventures Imore interested in are risky. It takes time. It requires work. It requires patience. But more importantly, it provides insights and lessons that cannot be bought.

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