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The afternoon of 18th July 2015 wasn’t the same lazy Saturday afternoon like always. A group of 12 intellects sat down and turned the special meet into extra special. It was the second Quora meetup of Central India, and it was an incredible experience to be a part of it. Even the non-stop rains couldn’t stop the enthusiast Quorans to gather around and have a spectacular meetup. The venue was our office Vatsana Technologies Private Limited, the office of WittyFeed.

The first ones to arrive were User, Ravindra Dhakad, Varsha Dhakad and Prashant Rao. We broke ice with introducing ourselves. Our editor-in-chief Raghav Gakhar and content writer Leena along with me welcomed all the Quorans. Soon arrived Isha Maharana, Abhishek Jain and Digvijay Singh, followed by Pramod Shinde and Saptarshi Ghosh.

At first, we all told our stories of being introduced to Quora. Then each of us told about our self-written answers which went viral. And trust me, Anirudh nailed it! Later we discussed our favorite answers and the personal answers we wanted to go viral but didn’t. It was real fun, getting to know different perspectives and ideologies.

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Pramod and Anirudh run a publication at IIT Indore and they gifted us the first edition of a collection of short stories and poems. The collection is simply wonderful. Abhishek and Digvijay are co-founder of a start-up, and they shared with us their story of leaving their monotonous jobs and take the road to entrepreneurship. Also, Pramod and Saptarshi explained their research topic and the connection of Science and human emotions. Moreover, Isha cleared the myth that the color of teeth is white. It’s actually a shade between yellow and gray. (Isha please help :P)

We were busy munching the snacks and telling about each other’s stories. We had planned to finish the meetup by 6 PM. But even at 7.30 PM, nobody wanted to leave. But the weather was getting unpleasant every hour, so we parted on the promise to plan a meetup every month.

Also, we gifted everyone a t-shirt printed with posters of WittyFeed. We hope everyone likes it.
In all, it was a wonderful experience and we are all looking forward to more and more meetups like this.

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