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Eleven Websites Like Facebook: Other Social Networking Websites

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Which Site Like Facebook Is Your Favourite? – Or Share Another Site Like Facebook
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sendingLeslie 2 months ago

I agree. Facebook locked me out, and wont do their job in transferring my cell # for which they need to send a security code. I’m sick and uninterested in Fb getting away with committing fraud and extortion, harassment, and many others.

Ryan 2 months ago

Hey, but why you didn’t mention NING?

It is the biggest one for social networks. They’ve cool options

Arlene Santor 2 months in the past

Fb simply requested me too much of personal query’s before they may let me have a site . I’ve to present them a copy of my drivers license. And image of myself .

piumi 3 months ago

tsu is abondoned? no longer out there? is this true? i tried to go surfing my account after very long time. it is not working anymore

olivie 3 months ago

facebook always disable people and lock people out when individuals play sport have good progress in facebook only trigger increasingly more individuals dislike using fb

I exploit meetme and myspace they dont ban folks 😮

interNations needs people pay money! not good!

tsu is just when folks click your site or lots of people watch you, you earn cash.

krishna four months in the past

how about

Dinesh kumar 6 months in the past

Thanks eight months in the past

info quite dated!

Corey 8 months in the past

there can be VK which is a site baised in russia that has hundreds of thousands of individuals all over the world that use it, you would possibly need to contact up in your languages first although

QBall eleven months ago

Based on their website, Friendster is “taking a break” and has taken their site down for an unspecified time.

Asha 12 months ago

this is so awesome

Jean thirteen months ago

Wonderful data n will have to look into those that don’t want to be paid to join for sure

pappu kr 15 months in the past

Love your work thanks

Hubert Jason 18 months ago from Arlington, Virginia

Great Record

ali 20 months in the past


David Buckner 22 months ago

MySpace xD the only other one I’ve heard of is LinkdIn.. Cool share

ffff 2 years in the past


ted droux julio adam’s 2 years ago

huge up

Sreeshyam 2 years ago

Realy thanks for the data..

Abbi 2 years ago

Some of them are new to me and I’m glad to seek out it

rrr 2 years ago


Juzzy JaeZuz 2 years in the past

I like Your Work,Thank you For Letting Us Know All This Sites

Jessica 2 years ago from Syracuse


sam lm 2 years ago


easysearch 2 years in the past

i heard about tsu but ant work on desktop

is it true.

Chris wagnon 2 years in the past

Glad this was informative of different social websites out there.

Fb is absolutely cool, however some people can make it actually uncomfortable to be on there now dsys.

In search of elswhere.

Anu Priya 2 years in the past from Chennai

I’d love using Google plus rather than Fb since it’s more lively and fascinating and most of all it accepts GIF photos which is sort of helpful for individuals who love to share footage.

Adam Smith 2 years ago

i found this very important, thanks

Mani 2 years ago from India

Good info, i heard about tsu site from my buddies, they already began and getting reward in phrases of money from their complete revenue. Informative one for everyone

OSBERT JOEL C 2 years ago from CHENNAI

Fantastic job pricey.. most of these websites were unknown to me.. Now I’m aware of all these..

TTGReviews 2 years ago

I am stunned that Twitter and Pinterest weren’t included on this listing.

I’ve heard about Tsu final month during a Twitter chat. Is it true that it is like Fb? A few of the others I by no means heard of. I do get LinkedIn invitations but I don’t have an account there.

Tim Anthony 2 years ago

Great evaluation social networking websites! I feel Facebook might been world brand nowadays however the presence of it’s alternative are effective too. Google plus will certainly turn out to be fashionable as it’ll be launched with varied functions. I’ve been using Pinterest, MySpace, Tumblr and they are very efficient.

Krzysztof Willman 2 years in the past from Parlin, New Jersey

Remember when it used to be simply Myspace and Fb now there are new social networking sites popping up every few months. I’ve a feeling that ultimately Facebook will go the best way of Myspace as more safe and better sites come about.

Marlene Bertrand 2 years ago from Northern California, USA

I was not conscious of how many websites there were that were like Facebook. You’ve got offered excellent and thorough research. I discovered loads here. Of all the websites you presented, Tsu appears like a site I’d like to go to. Thanks for the invitation.

williamslaw 3 years ago

Fantastic job on the analysis of social networking sites.

Donna Cook 3 years in the past

Simply began on Google+ because of the reach of Google.

Lee three years in the past from Derbyshire, UK

It’s robust for me to essentially see past Facebook really, it’s one of the only sites my friends use that I can communicate with them on

MartinTim 3 years ago

Very good evaluation of social networking sites. Fb has turn out to be a giant international model these days. Even some MNC’s search folks having an ideal impact on Facebook pages and teams.

terelldennis three years in the past

Google+ and naturally Twitter is nice also this new site called Smactive to organice retro concert t shirts activies

MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 4 years in the past from Washington State

google+ is kind of interesting to grasp round in, I am wanting into tribe and bebo, especially now after this wonderful evaluate! Good to know all these items.

laurenrich 4 years ago

An awesome site. It has very helpful data. Thanks for sharing.

MartinTim 4 years in the past

Nice checklist… I did not learn about a lot of the websites. As I own a enterprise, these websites will surely help in bettering my business.

A few of them are new to me and I’m glad to find it.

zanaelf 4 years ago

Thanks very a lot, facebook has been blocking me for 30 days on a regular basis because they’re uppity towards my artwork, I hope to search out another which my buddies and family can communicate so I am not Remoted , facebook has gone far to draconian towards art.

very good things, thankyou .

codeaweb 4 years in the past

Enjoyed trying via this, very good things, thankyou

Great lens, I like everything social and located your site very insightful. I posted a link to your lens on my webpage so my readers and followers to read. Thank you for scripting this.

gmrwebteam lm four years in the past

As per suggestion, social media has remodeled the best way of information exchanged. It gives us the strategy to share our thoughts among our networks.Utilizing social media for networking may be among the finest choice, and is an effective way of reaching the customers.

sitebildz four years retro concert t shirts ago

Facebook is unquestionably the market leader … for now. I’m positive it won’t be lengthy before another revolutionary site steals their thunder identical to FB did to MySpace.

charwhit four years in the past

Wow! I only heard of the highest four. That is nice data.

Deeringboy LM four years ago

Thanks for the dear information!

getmoreinfo four years ago

I’ve been wondering what other sites had been just like Fb thanks for the information.

squidy21 lm 4 years in the past

google plus too, 😀

jolou 4 years ago

Google +

Anna2of5 four years in the past

Truly I have been logging in hours on Youtube by my Google + site, Twitter, and Pintrest sites not counting the page of stuff I log into together with these sites. With Fb I kind of check in on my wall there to see how the place seems to be, tidy up now and again. I juggle where i will spend the bulk of time I get to do issues on-line from place to position. I really feel a tiny little bit of guilt when I haven’t written on Squidoo in a while, however I study what i can once i can and hopefully it informs my designing and finally my writing. However for things to do I am good. My daughter prefers Tumblr, and another site so I depart those realms to her. I am on linked in but I worked on getting my profile to one hundred%, and that i just don’t appear to cling out there much. There’s all the time so much to study and browse and pin so, I just keep trucking alongside. Thanks for doing the lens. Good to see what all is accessible whereas we nonetheless have the freedom to check out this stuff. 😀

YummyMom 4 years in the past

What an amazing compilation of social networking websites like Fb. Among the one on the listing, I’ve solely used Friendster (I have not logged in for years now!) and Google + which I take advantage of very hardly ever.

shawnhi77 lm four years ago

I believe Tagged is a great social site, but for enterprise networking I really like Twitter.