Star Wars Ewok Costume

How did you come up with the thought for this costume?

Because the age of three my son, Andrew, has been obsessive about Star Wars. For the past several years my son and I’ve been recreating costumes from the movies. This year we determined to go outdoors the norm and recreate a lovable creature from episode VI. The ewok is an iconic alien species who helps the rebels defeat the empire in one of the most epic space battles.

What objects did you use to make this costume including accessories used?

Faux fur, Hockey mask, Kid’s military helmet, Molding clay, Paint, Needles and tons of thread, Broom handle, Toy knife, Yarn, Twine, Feathers, Vacation ornament, Foam stuffing and Slippers.

How did you make it?
Step 1:
Combine hockey mask and child’s army helmet utilizing duct tape and glue.

Step 2:
Mold nose, teeth and lips out of molding clay (enable four days to dry)

Step 3:
Paint molding clay and allow to dry.

Step four:
Attach teeth to lips utilizing glue and then attach to hockey mask.

Step 5:
Attach nostril to hockey mask utilizing glue.

Step 6:
Attach nose to hockey mask using glue.

Step 7:
Start building facial structure using foam sheets. Attach the sheets to hockey mask utilizing glue.

Step 8:
Begin stretching pretend fur around face, remembering that all hair starts from the nostril and followers out. Install ornament eyes.

Step 9:
Create a pattern with the faux fur / cut fur and pin.

Step 10:
Stitch the sample and create a Velcro opening in the again.

Step 11:
Create pockets (7) throughout the inside of costume to insert stuffing to create teddy bear look.

Step 12:
Lower sample for head cloth and install utilizing security pins.

Step thirteen:
Create spear utilizing previous broom Watchmen stick. Tough stick up by utilizing knife to create – made within the wild look. Attach toy knife to tip utilizing duct tape and twine.

What reactions did you get when sporting this costume?

Men's Loki Cotton Long Sleeve T-ShirtMy son loves to exhibit the costume. He is been standing in front of our home waving at autos. The response from the group is constructive.