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Why Do Swimmers Wear Caps?

Swimming caps present up at skilled swim meets, triathlons and at pools the place observe laps take place. Latex and silicone are two common supplies for competitive swim caps, with both offering related advantages within the water. Whereas swim caps as soon as were used primarily to guard the hair model of the wearer, they now serve extra useful functions for swimmers.

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The swim cap matches snugly over the head, overlaying the hair and scalp. The overlaying protects those areas from the chemicals within the pool. Chlorine in particular damages the hair and will trigger discoloration. This is particularly an issue for those who spend a lot of time in the pool working towards for competitions. A swim cap may protect the top from cold water, notably in an open-water swimming scenario when the water could be very chilly. The cap helps hold in your physique heat and retains the water from immediately touching your head. When swimming outdoors, the cap helps protect your head from direct sunlight.

Diminished Resistance
Your hair creates drag that can sluggish you down in the water. The snug fit of the swim cap retains your hair pressed down and lined to cut back the quantity of resistance as you progress via the superheroes t shirts water. The reduced resistance is especially helpful for those who swim competitively. It also allows aggressive swimmers to keep their hair longer without the fear of the hairstyle slowing them down within the pool.

A vivid swimming cap helps identify a swimmer in the water when it’s otherwise troublesome to differentiate between a number of swimmers. In some cases, the swimmer’s identify or another identifying mark may be imprinted on the cap. In a triathlon, a brightly coloured cap makes it easier to see other swimmers when there’s a big group of people swimming in one area. This helps swimmers avoid bumping into each other. The race coordinators could use completely different colored caps or require you to wear one in a particular shade that they supply in order to assist with identification.

Retaining your hair securely beneath a swim cap means you will not shed any hair throughout your swim. This may also help keep a pool clean. When hair falls out in a pool, it often finally ends up within the pool’s filters. The hair might clog the filters or make them dirtier. The pool’s operator might request that swimmers wear caps to forestall this buildup within the filter system. The caps also reduce hairspray and other hairstyling products that in any other case find yourself in the pool if the swimmer would not wash her hair earlier than swimming.

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